My Journey Through the Cross, written in personal journal format, is available for purchase at my websiteAmazon or Kindle.

Contact me at

I am available to speak at your small group, church, school or organization.

FullSizeRender-10My online presence includes
-the book website (above)
-this personal blog
-my YouTube channel (Ashley D. Wille)
-Gmail (
-chapter introductions to Micky Land’s book, Ending the War with Myself, Loving Myself As God Does (Amazon, Smashwords).

To clarify confusion with similar names online, I include the middle initial D. and sometimes the J.D., C.P.L.C. afterwards.

3 Responses to Contact

  1. nicole says:

    Hi. I attempted to speak with you via email and did not receive an email back. Im sad to say that I am disappointed, as reaching out like that is not usual for me and I had hoped for an answer to a question i have been stuck with… I am hoping this was just a mix up and that I will yet receive a response to my prior email. Thanks for your time.

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