Baby Rescue

Early one afternoon I busied myself finishing a story I was working on while waiting for the 2:30 carpool hour. Our neighborhood is directly across the street from the school, so I can leave as late as 2:45 and still make the carpool line without being late.

I reached a stopping place in my story and suddenly sensed a gentle urging of the Spirit to go ahead and leave for the carpool, even though it was only 2:08pm.
“Hmm… way too early, but okay,” I reasoned. Off I went upstairs to the kitchen, grabbed my purse, filled up my water bottle and cranked up the car.

As I made the usual turn out the driveway and around the corner of our lot, an elderly but robust-looking nanny passed by me pushing up the hill a jogging stroller holding a chubby 6 month old girl. After I passed them with a glance and a wave, I was suddenly compelled to stop the car. I paused for a moment and finally realized that in my glance I had witnessed the baby in a precarious situation. I reversed back up the hill to find them turning the corner. The baby I could see was wiggling and squirming her way forward such that she would imminently fall off the front of the stroller and on to the asphalt.

I rolled my window down. “Hey! I noticed you have a wiggle worm there,” I commented to the nanny. She peered around the side of the stroller to take a look at the baby and gasped to find that the little one had never been buckled in properly.

She repositioned the baby back into the seat and buckled her in safely. She looked at me with immense relief in her eyes, and thanked me profusely. Feeling reassurance for the baby, I was relieved as well that I had decided to follow God’s leading that day instead of what made sense to me at the time.

How would things be if we listened every time?

1 Kings 19:12 And after the earthquake a fire; but the LORD was not in the fire: and after the fire a still small voice.

Psalm 29:4 The voice of the LORD is powerful; the voice of the LORD is majestic


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About ashleydwille

Author Ashley D. Wille was always searching for spiritual answers. “True and lasting satisfaction always proved just out of reach. Now, in midlife, I have come to find my soul satiated in God. Through sweet surprises, difficult climbs, and excruciating valleys, the Master’s hand has shaped me. All along the way, God has taught me many things. What He has taught me most is that many of my beliefs about Him were wrong.” Her book, My Journey Through the Cross, is a personal insight shared by an amazing woman. Through her profound experiences and inner struggles, Wille shows how she was able to break through false layers of thinking and move into a deeper relationship with God. Her beautiful journey is just waiting to be shared. If you are ready to live your life free of guilt and shame, you too can learn how to walk in spiritual freedom.
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